Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cayman, Here We Come!

Two more days until Kate and I are off to enjoy our first tropical vacation together! We're going to have a great time with our friends Brooke and Dale from college. I just finished flight school two weeks ago after two and a half years . Oh yes, it is time to have a little party. Eat some delicious seafood. Get some diving in. Relax. Yes, definitely time for all of that.

In the meantime, Kate and I have been absolutely racing around with our heads on fire trying to get everything setup with work, schoolwork, and misc. housework(raking leaves, finishing home projects).

It's getting pretty cold here, and the leaves have already turned and fallen for the most part. I tried to catch the season in photographs, but nothing turned out spectacular. Kate and I will be missing Thanksgiving so we won't be hosting our annual "Loser's Who Don't Go Home" Thanksgiving dinner, but we plan to have some good friend(and fellow crazy cat people)over for dinner. We are also looking forward to our new friends Marnie and Dan's Winter Solstice Party. Dan's making a Winter Solstice Brew to help celebrate. Yum.

Of course, we'll add more photos when we get back next week. For now though have a fantastic Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh yeah, Here are the cats!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you and Kate have a greatly deserved fabulous tropical vacation and a wonderful holiday!

3:24 PM  

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