Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Kids Got Married, Part II

So this is how married life begins...

(pretending to) getting loaded.

After we left Las Leyendas, we visited the bar downstairs from our hotel, Durty Nelly's...

where the vodka tonics were plentiful and tasty and we didn't just pretend to drink them.

This is my husband. All the other wives are jealous.

It was wicked cold that night. We got snow flurries, in Texas.

Here begins a series of moments that reveal me as becoming rather unraveled.

Perhaps because of the plentiful and tasty vodka tonics?

Aw, how sweet. I understand if you're all throwing up in your mouths a little just now.

We kept taking pictures of ourselves in the bar, which inspired a small army of drunken and Christmas Spirit-filled strangers to reach for our camera and take pictures of us. Thank you, drunken, Christmas Spirit-filled strangers.

This is a relatively accurate depiction of what Dominic has married--a white piece of cornbread from the South with a strange angelic glow resulting from all that whiteness.

This is a relatively accurate picture of how the Riverwalk looked to us as we ascended to our room for the night. Bright and fuzzy.

And this is how we looked the next morning--happily ever after.


Blogger Audra said...

Why, Mrs. Gaskin, those are beautiful pictures! I have a somewhat retarded question- how do you get multiple pictures in one post? I always have to use Hello... do you?

2:04 PM  

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