Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time Flies!

Time flies when you're having fun! Or at least time flies. A lot of things have been happening with Kate and I. She has been hard at work taking classes and teaching. She has a much more talkative class this semester so that is taking a lot of pressure off her. We have been stressing about an upcoming TDY I'll be leaving for later this month. That sucks, but will be keeping up with each other via email, phone, letters, and of course The Stick and String!

It has been terribly cold here in Omaha. We've been getting small amounts of snow nonstop. That sucks of course but so far it has been on the weekend. Convienent! That enables us to take Thomas Pynchon out in the snow on his leash. I had him out there about thirty seconds and then he tried to lay down and stop moving! I was like "Tom! You're a wild animal with a fur coat, you can't just lay down and die that quick!" He eventually came around and he's kind of a fan of the white stuff now.

I had surgery on my knee to have a cyst remove. Gross, I know. It was wicked cool watching myself be cut open though. The first time he cut me though it totally felt like I was just stabbed. I screamed a little. A manly scream though. Then it got infected. That's bad. Hopefully, the Doc will clear me as good tomorrow though. I feel fine though and am ready to move on.

Kate and I got new laptop computers though so now we can be trendy and type blogs in coffee shops. I've pretty much maxed out my trendiness for the day blogging in a coffeeshop while drinking an Italian soda. Kate's across from me being cute. We're livin' the dream!


Blogger Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about you knee but glad the surgery was cool and that you seem to be recovering well. Keep me posted on when you're leaving and stuff. I'm jealous of your computers...what kind?

3:07 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Aren't laptops cool? Unfortunately, I have to use mine mostly for academic reasons such as studying and whatnot.... :( Not much fun.

P.S. Once upon a time I had a sister.

Who called me.

And told me how her day was.

5:24 AM  

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