Thursday, October 21, 2004

Am I A Grown-Up?

Today while I was at work shopping for new flight-suits, boots, and other items that I'll need for my CSO training some of us noticed the price tags on our specialized equipment. When we added it all up we were all taken aback by how much Uncle Sam was willing to spend on us. Then another guy whose name I can't recall told us that the government values our training at 1.2 million dollars. One point two million. I'm still in a state of absolute shock that anyone would put that much faith or money in me. Half the time I feel like a total ass-clown, and most of that time I'm doing the stupid crap to justify the title. One point two million...That is just absolute craziness. By the way, there are 29 people in my class. If I could multiply I would tell you how much that was!

I don't know. It just makes me realize that even though I'm incredibly childish about some things(chores, video games, sour candy, and soda) I really am a Total Grown-Up. Not that there's anything wrong with that(Interjection placed for all the grown-ups out there.) That might not be true, but for now I'm at least going to have to act like it!


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